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Urvashi Theaters is one of the biggest production houses in South India founded by Sandip Senan. Fortunately, joining us made them the first production firm to use micro-influencers in movie promotion.

Saudi Vellakka is a 2022 Indian Malayalam-language drama film, written and directed by Tharun Moorthy. The movie is a realistic and intriguing courtroom drama with social relevance. 

The movie Saudi Vellaka narrates from the perspectives of many different characters which offers humor, drama, and music. This essence of the movie has the potential to connect deeply with the audience. The production house wanted to use its marketing funds very efficiently and effectively by not compromising on the reach. Also, the production house wanted to reach a hyper-local audience. It was a great challenge to market and reach the audience of the movie within a limited span of time. 



After rigorous research, surveys and discussion, we had to completely redesign the marketing campaign considering time and efficiency. We as a team just had one goal to reach the hyper-local audience which will rapidly manifold and spread. In regards to this, we integrated 50-100 micro-influencers to play the game. We gave them hampers and goodies related to the movie and guided posts to the contents and stories. We also indulged in creating a strong marketing campaign, designing tabloids, and more. 



Within a few days of our implementation, we saw huge results and also gained mass media coverage in the Malayalam Manorama. This led to rapid positive ramifications and gained a wider audience reach. Eventually, the film was a huge success and we were proud to be a part of the impact. 

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