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LuLu Group International is an Indian Emirati-based multinational conglomerate company that operates a chain of hypermarkets and retail companies, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the largest retail chains in Asia and the biggest in the Middle East.

The LuLu Group has been organizing the Sea Food festival for several years as part of its annual food festivals. They showcased several varieties of fish for the event. The event’s agenda was to invite seafood enthusiasts to taste and experience the seafood festival. We had to concentrate on bringing a specific crowd of the audience as well bring maximum walk-ins to the event. 


Unlike the usual promotion where the food bloggers promote the event, we deep-dived to pick the influencers who had a fishing background rather than a typical food blogger. We researched various ways and conducted multiple surveys to know how the seafood community gets influenced. Our surveys were predominantly gathered from our active group of netizens. 


The implementation enabled the seafood audience to pay a visit to the event and circulated the essence of the event widely. The initial research of understanding the seafood community and its dynamics helped us crack this challenge. The event happened to be a huge success by bringing maximum walk-ins throughout the week.

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